Cardinals RB David Johnson to have wrist surgery, miss 2-3 months
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Desmond Howard's No. 21 was designated as a "Michigan Legend" jersey in 2011, and has been awarded to the top receiver the past two seasons. Junior Hemingway wore it first, then Roy Roundtree last season.

That cast some uncertainty on the future role of the No. 1 jersey, which had been doled out to Michigan's elite receivers since the Anthony Carter years. No one has worn it since Braylon Edwards in 2004.

The Grand Rapids Christian star, ranked as one of the five best receivers in the country according to Scout and Rivals, said Friday that Michigan coach Brady Hoke recruited him with Cheap China Jerseys a video presentation that featured the No. 1 jersey.

Harris said Michigan played the video once during his initial visit, then during a subsequent visit with his mother.

"(The video) was dating back to the first player to wear No. 1 there, all the way to Braylon Edwards," Harris said during an interview with the Huge Show. "And then at the end of the video, it had a couple of my clips from my high school season.

"They were showing my high school, and then said something like, 'You'll be the next one.'"

Harris originally committed to Michigan State last summer for football and basketball, but decommitted earlier this year after cheap jerseys deciding to drop basketball.

"That was one of the hardest phone calls I've ever had to make," Harris said of calling Michigan State to decommit.

Harris has said his final decision came down to Michigan and Ohio State. He visited Columbus last week, then attended Michigan's spring game the following day.

He said he decided to commit to Michigan after having a heartfelt conversation with Hoke.

"Coach Hoke pulled me into his office when I got there, me and him sat down for about 15 minutes and just the way he was looking me in my eye and just the stuff he was saying to me," Harris said. "(He said) that he would always be there for me, that he would take care of me no matter if I'm the last player on the depth or I'm the best player on the team.

"And I really believe him with that, because I've talked to people who have been there. I know Coach Hoke is a real person. Just him and me just sitting there talking like that one on one, it just wholesale jerseys China put me over the hump.

"At the end of the day, I just got that feeling in my stomach and knew it was the right place for me."

Harris affirmed once again that his commitment to Michigan is solid. He said his family is full of Michigan fans, he has respect for the tradition there and that he's comfortable cheap jeseys online with the "family" atmosphere instilled by the coaches and players.

Wednesday 13 Sep, 2017 @ 08:54AM